Aim Karting MyChron5

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The AiM MyChron5 features a high-resolution graphic display that provides information on engine speed, speed, lap times, gear, temperature (one or two for the MC5 2T), satellite reception, and data from connected expansions like Lambda or MyChron Expansion. Users can configure and select several display pages using the four buttons available. The display lighting offers customization with seven different colors, and brightness is controlled by a light sensor.

Speed is recorded through the integrated GPS module, displayed on the screen, and can be later evaluated on a PC using additional GPS channels, such as line traveled and accelerations. The MyChron5 is powered by a screwed-on lithium battery that supplies power for ten hours, and it can be replaced or recharged. Alternatively, it can also be powered by an external 12V battery.

The device includes two alarm LEDs configurable in seven different colors and five switching LEDs. The alarm LEDs can be assigned to any measurement, and the switching LEDs can be set sequentially, in full group, and gear-selective. Configuration can be transferred, data downloaded, or measured values checked online through the WiFi connection.

Compatibility is enhanced as all sensors and cables, as well as MyChron Expansion, Lambda system, and SmartyCam from MyChron4, can also be used seamlessly with MyChron5.


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