Product Name: Gloves | ADELAIDE – MELBOURN – AUCKLAND – BRISBANE – MISANO – SYDNEY | Available in 7 different colors

Item number
Weight PUapprox. 0.30 kg depending on size
GTINAvailable depending on the model
PU pieces1 piece
Material20% Omara
SizeAvailable in sizes: 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10 – 11 – 12 – 13
ColorAvailable in colors: Black – Red – Blue – Black/White/Red – Black/White/Neon Yellow – Black/White – Black/White/Neon Orange
Description“Speed Gloves

The “Speed Gloves” not only offer a stylish look but also provide top-notch functionality for kart racers. Here are some outstanding features and details of this product:

Ergonomic Design and Material

Palms ergonomically shaped

The gloves are specially designed to provide an ergonomic fit for the palms, allowing optimal grip and precise control during karting.

Velcro fastener on the wrist

The Velcro fastener on the wrist ensures a secure and snug fit for the gloves. This guarantees stability and prevents slipping during the ride.

Internal seams

Internal seams contribute to high wearing comfort, preventing uncomfortable friction or pressure points during the ride.

Breathable Materials for Comfort

The use of breathable materials ensures that your hands stay well-ventilated during the race. This is crucial to maintain a comfortable feel and prevent excessive sweating.

Modern Design and Variety

The “Speed Gloves” from Speed-Racewear® impress not only with their functionality but also with their modern design. With seven available colors, including Black, Red, Blue, and various neon options, you can accentuate your personal style.

These high-quality karting gloves not only provide protection but also add a touch of style on the racetrack. Get your “Speed Gloves” now and experience karting with optimal performance and comfort!

Additional Information: Size Chart

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Are the gloves available in different sizes? Yes, the “Speed Gloves” are available in sizes 4 to 13, ensuring an optimal fit for every racer.
  2. What materials are used for the gloves? The gloves are made of 20% Omara, 52% Polyester, and 28% Cotton, providing an ideal combination of comfort and durability.
  3. Is there a warranty on the gloves? Yes, the standard Speed-Racewear® warranty applies. Further details can be found in the product information.
  4. Can the gloves be cleaned in the washing machine? It is recommended to hand wash the gloves to maintain the lifespan and quality of the material.
  5. Do the gloves provide sufficient comfort during longer rides? Yes, the gloves are designed to offer high comfort even during extended karting sessions.