The new AiM MyChron5S represents a significant upgrade from its predecessor, featuring a 25Hz GPS module, enhanced processor performance, and a new WiFi module for faster data transmission compared to the MyChron5. The high-resolution graphic display showcases key metrics such as RPM, speed, lap times, gear, temperature (one or two for the MC5S 2T), satellite reception, and data from connected expansions like Lambda or MyChron Expansion.

Users can configure multiple display pages to suit their preferences, with easy navigation through the 4 buttons. The display backlighting offers customization with seven different colors, and brightness is automatically adjusted by a light sensor.

The integrated 25Hz GPS module captures and displays speed, and additional GPS channels, such as racing line and accelerations, can be analyzed on a PC later. The unit is powered by a screw-mounted lithium battery that provides ten hours of continuous operation and can be easily replaced or recharged. Alternatively, it can be powered by an external 12V battery.

MyChron5S features two alarm LEDs and 5 shift LEDs, all configurable in seven different colors. The alarm LEDs can be assigned to any measurement, while the shift LEDs can be set sequentially, in full group, or gear-selective. Through the WiFi connection, users can transfer configurations, download data, or monitor real-time measurements online.

Compatibility is maintained with sensors, cables, MyChron Expansion, Lambda systems, and SmartyCam from MyChron4 and MyChron5, making the transition to MyChron5S seamless.

This upgraded model is designed to provide users with advanced features, improved performance, and greater flexibility for data analysis and monitoring during races. If you have any specific questions or need further details, feel free to ask.